You have just purchased the best ball mark repair tool available. Keep the Kno-Marks CLEAN and LUBRICATED your tool will give you seasons of service.




When used on a daily basis, the tool should be sprayed on the shaft and inside the body keeping the fingers and cam area lubricated. If any clippings start to build up behind the fingers they may be cleared away with a small screwdriver. Remove the large spring clip and by pulling the handle & cam shaft out, this allows the whole body and finger assembly to be rinsed and blown clean. SOAK INTERIOR and SPRAY WITH LUBRICATE and clean the cam and bushing when reassembling.



Remove the snap ring and pull the cam tube from the main housing. The cam and bushing can be clean without removing the handle, but if you do disassemble the handle, be sure to replace the nickel washer under the spring on reassembly.

Place a screw driver in the exposed end of the center shaft and remove the center bolt using a 3/16 Allen wrench. The complete finger assembly will now be ready to inspect and clean.

After cleaning make sure the fingers all move freely and the center shaft slides easily thru the carrier.

By clamping a screw driver in a vise in a vertical position, the center shaft cam then be put upon the end allowing much easier reassembly. BE SURE the CUP WASHER is installed over the front spring before reassembly.

Carefully lower the main body down over the finger making SURE they are aligned in the guide slots before installing the center bolt. Use blue loctite when tightening the center bolt while holding the body as centered as you can over the screw driver. Tighten firmly.

Be sure to spray lubricant into the center of the cam prior to reassembly. Push the cam and bushings back inside the body and install the snap ring. Operate the unit several times by hand to assure smooth operation.

The center shaft springs, and bolts are made from stainless steel, while the main body is aluminum. The cam is case harden steel and a small amount of rust is not unusual or harmful.



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