You have just purchased the best ball mark repair tool available. Keep the Kno-Marks CLEAN and LUBRICATED your tool will give you many seasons of service.


To properly repair a ball mark the soil and roots should be returned as close as possible to their original position. This requires returning more soil from the bottom upward while the perimeter area is moved inward. The Kno-Marks tool has been designed for this goal in mind, yet operates with a simple single downward motion.

When placed over a ball mark the Kno-Marks will penetrate with its 5 stainless steel fingers straight into the soil to a pre-determined depth. Then the dual action cam will cause the fingers to pivot inward forcing the soil back to where it belongs.

As the handle is lifted the cam releases the fingers which return back into the housing leaving a small hump which should be gently stepped down.


Place the KNO-MARKS tool directly over the ball mark. While USING BOTH HANDS push down pressing firmly until the tool bottoms out. On very firm greens a slight twisting motion is helpful. DO NOT BANG OR SLAP THE TOOL ON THE GREEN AS DENTS AND DAMAGE WILL OCCUR!

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