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Kno-Marks is proud to have a “ONE-YEAR NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEE”*.  In the event of failure due to defect of workmanship or material failure, Kno-Marks will repair or replace the ball mark repair tool at no cost to the client or dealer. The best tool on the market today has the best guarantee!

Cleaning & Lubricating the KNO-MARKS Ball Mark Repair Tool:

When used on a daily basis, the tool should be sprayed on the shaft and inside the body keeping the fingers and cam area lubricated.  If any clippings start to build up behind the fingers they may be cleared away with a small screwdriver.  Remove the large spring clip and by pulling the handle and cam shaft out, this will expose the whole body and finger assembly allowing them to be rinsed and blown clean. Soak interiors, spray with lubricant and clean the cam and bushing when reassembling.

Taking 5 minutes a week will keep the Kno-Marks Ball Mark Repair Tool working like new.

Kno-Marks Maintenance Instructions are included with every unit shipped.

Watch how the Kno-Marks ball mark repair tool instantly removes divots in greens quickly and easily

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